Bogs-Hufsmith Cemetery Association (BHCA) was reorganized in 2014. The purpose of the Bogs-Hufsmith Cemetery Association is to provide an opportunity for persons who have loved ones buried in the Bogs-Hufsmith Cemetery to preserve the memory of our loved ones, make contributions for perpetual care or/ up-keep of the grounds and surroundings and effectively operate the organization. Membership is open to any willing and interested families and/or family members in Harris County and the vicinity who have people buried in the Bogs-Hufsmith Cemetery or who plan to bury people in the Bogs-Hufsmith Cemetery. 

On February 10, 1925, Friedrich (F.W.) Bogs and his wife, Elvina sold four acres off his land to church trustees Walter Paige of Salem Methodist Church and Oliver Thompson of Pilgrim Hill Baptist Church in Hufsmith, Texas. This land was designated to be used for the sole purpose of a cemetery.

On June 22, 1963, Rev. Bennie Smith gathered together a group of concerned citizens to form the Salem-Pilgrim Hill Cemetery Association. This need and concern came about following a long period of neglect and occasional maintenance of the cemetery. There has been a concerted effort throughout the years by men such as William Lakey, Lonnie Osborne Sr, James Johnson, Ira J. Taylor and others to try and maintain the grounds.

On March 16, 2014, Albert (Ricky) Thomas organized a meeting in regards to the upkeep that had fallen off again. The Association was revived and the quest to fully improve and restore the cemetery had begun once again. A new slate of officers was elected. The group voted to change the names of the cemetery and the association to Bogs-Hufsmith Cemetery.

The cemetery continues to be active with burials, as the Association members strive to maintain these sacred grounds with dignity and pride for many more generations of families and loved ones.